How Social Good Has Revolutionized Philanthropy via @mashsocialmedia @mashable

OWL COMMENT/ Social good ultimately takes place offline, not online - social media is a catalyst only

On the eve of the Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit, in partnership with United Nations, and after a weekend of being fully immersed in my own thought and various forays online, reading this article helped me to feel grounded again - I instantly reacted to the potentially narrow perspectives on the concept of social good…

Surely social good means much more than harnessing online social networks for “community building, public advocacy, wide-reaching awareness, and low-cost social impact”, as the article summarises.

Social good starts with a collective intent to make a positive impact on our social environment(s), and manifests into positive social change through the physical, human (offline) actions than ensue from this intent.

OK, some of this can be very subjective, but there are fundamental strands of positive social development that most of us agree on - they seldom stray far from the base of Maslow’s pyramid.

After all the awareness raising, forming of collective intent, advocating, and fundraising, we need to remember to log off and do or be something more positive as a result. Social media is just one of the conduits (albeit very a powerful one) of galvanising and channelling this intent, but true social good manifests offline, lest we forget that.

Howeverthe intent is key: collective awareness and intent is more powerful than anyone can truly imagine, and in social media we certainly now have the tools for this on an enormous scale :-)

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